Tuesday, September 9, 2008

chug! chug! chug! (later that tuesday)

so im sitting at lunch, with a few friends. ive finished my nachos. and im drinking my applesauce.
Raymond is egging me to chug it. so of course i do. and he touches my throat...so i spew...i smell all apple-y.
so the hot freshman chick that i walked to english the first week of school has a name...
and apparently shes dating Travis...aka guyliner.
i always liked that guy.
not like that though...
ive needed a blog for a long time. im hoping someone will be reading it and keep up with my life.
my art teacher just asked a kid what hes smoking..."honey whatre you smoking?"
so that chick did actually bring a typed version and a poaster for the story that i wrote. the one about Mark...
im going to work on a visual too.
a box of dying flowers....
ill update some other time.
stay tuned.

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