Tuesday, January 27, 2009


so i decided that since i ate breakfast, i cant have anything for lunch. i think im going to lunch with Jessica anyway.
which means diet coke and relacore.
not a bad combination
i took 7 yesterday. probably just take 4 or 5 today.
stay under the "limit"
it kept me up pretty late last night.
although i wasnt hungry. lol.
i ate a grilled chicken caesar salad (no dressing) for dinner, just like i had a grilled chicken salad at lunch.
so the total intake for yesterday

there was the yogurt
only ended up eating half the cup-55 cals
then there was the salad i ate-about...we'll say...200 cals (including the chicken)
and then the salad i had at dinner, well make that about 250 (it had chicken and some kind of cheese)
my total daily intake-too much.
about 505
today ive already eaten a biscuit with turkey sausage and a little bit of grape jelly.
so i think that should be able to tide me over until dinner.
thinking about a salad from arbys.
and maybe pouring some salsa on it.
or maybe i'll just chill at home, and eat half a can of soup, and cook a cup of brocolli.
we'll see.
godda go pay my cell phone today.
omg. so Dylon and i made up last night.
yes, thats right ladies, we made up.
and oh my gawd was it amazing.
i think the fact that im still on my you-know-what only made it better
he said he'd never do that.
but he confessed afterwards that it does feel pretty great.
he was doing things that he's never done before, and kissing all of the places that he knows make me go insane.
i had no idea that my pg13 boyfriend could be so rated R.
i have to say, this is a side of him that i definately dont hate.
he called me "baby" for the first time last night.
usually its either "amy" or "amybear"
which im fine with, but hearing him call me baby was totally hot.
lets keep this PG
so i'll be moving on from the subject of the amazing sex that i had last night...
the amazing sex that i cant stop thinking about...ok
ive decided that when he leaves here in a few days, i want to continue on with a long distance relationship.
i hope were strong enough to last through it.
he'll be gone for about 8 weeks at a time.
and ill be able to see him for long weekends, holidays, and breaks.
maybe it'll be ok...
keep your skinny little fingers crossed for us ok?
alright ladies, i godda scadaddle
thats right...scadaddle.
i'll try to post more here soon.
as always, think thin, and i love hearing from all of you. so dont be shy to comment.
love you all
amybear <3

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