Friday, January 23, 2009

im a fat cow.

so i got hungry last night.
oh god did i get hungry.
double bacon cheeseburger on texas toast, grilled onions, a large french fry with ketchup, and a 44 oz diet coke.
i ate it all, even though i wasnt really hungry after about the first 4 bites.
i ate and ate and ate and ate and kept eating.
and there was absoloutely no purge afterwards.
my stomach is bloated and uncomfortable even the next day.
but the good news is i probably wont be hungry for anything all day today.
still havent gotten a chance to talk to dylon. dont know what im going to do.
to answer Jenna's question, not me anymore, but it used to be.
and what i will be again.
right now im a fat disgusting cow.
will update later.


  1. ughh, we all have those days. I know you're pissed at yourself right now, but not purging was def a better decision because in my experience, in the midst of a binge, purging sometimes just makes me want more salt and more you might have saved yourself calories by not doing it....and you're right, back on the horse today!!! Good luck lady :)

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  3. I know what you mean. After not eating for a while, once food is in front of my face I don't want to stop eating. Perhaps it's our bodies going into survival mode thinking that we are starving, therefore telling us to eat as much as possible once we take the first bite.

  4. thanks for ur comment, i love ur blurb on ur profile... so true for me too!