Thursday, January 15, 2009

told you i would be back...

anyway, im still huge. and sooo ready to not be disgusting anymore
dylon keeps telling me to shut up, that im not fat.
he keeps making me eat.
he takes me out to dinner, and gets mad if i dont eat everything that i order
he brings me lunch to school
he sometimes picks me up for school and insists on going to a donut shop to get breakfast.
today, he forced a ham, cheese and egg biscuit down my throat,
tonight, he wants to go to get chinese after i get off of work.
"i dont want you to get sick, i love you" he keeps telling me.
its heartwarming and annoying as hell all at the same time.
anyway, no munching at work, promise =)
although this place has a steak finger basket that is TO DIE FOR
and some pretty amazing tacos =)
but oh well
anyway, we get in trouble for stealing food.
just try to stay busy, and the rest will take care of itself
i have to go to the counselor to get my schedule for the 2nd semester changed.
more tomorrow
love you all


  1. Awww he sounds so great and so terrible all at the same time...

  2. dylon is an ass. im so mad at him right now!