Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sick to my stomach...

so i ate a ham and cheese sandwich dipped in veggie soup and baby carrots for lunch
a few bites of a pickle, and a 100 calories of some kind of cheetos
i dont think i will be needing any more food for the rest of the day. lol.
starting my new job today, and im uber nervous,
also, ive totally been cheating myself.
smoked 3 cigarettes today.
i dont guess that's so bad considering the fact that i was smoking upwards of a pack a day not a month ago.
left a lot of you girls comments, so make sure to return the favor! lol.
im nervous as hell. and feeling sick to my stomach.
im going to walk to work tonight
it's crazy nice outside, and i think it will be good for me.
lunch was large, but rather healthy, think it was what i needed.
still dreaming about my incredible binge and purge. feeling excited for my first paycheck so i can make a trip to pizza hut =)
im in love with Ludo lol.
okay, so today's total caloric intake is roughly 500 so i figure im doing ok
can not wait to acquire some funds so i can get myself a gym membership!!!
treadmill here i come, lol.
still feeling fat
cant keep my hands off of my huge belly roll
and i hate looking at myself in the mirrior.
im looking for some support,
an ED buddy, so if you're interested just drop me an email, or a comment . i would appreciate it.
better get back to class.
much love
infinate hugs and kisses


  1. "
    still feeling fat
    cant keep my hands off of my huge belly roll
    and i hate looking at myself in the mirrior
    To the T. I'm exactly the same, I can feel it throughout my day to day life, argh, drives me mental! Ja, support would be good. Good luck with your new job and your lunch sounds normal in amount, but healthy! Which is cool!

    THanks for passing by my blog

    V x

  2. mmmmm pickles...

    during the holidays i work as a waitress for an events company and i find it so difficult not to binge on all the delicious food once ive had even a tiny bit so heads up if you're working around food its better to not allow yourself any and then you cant lose control!

    hope work goes ok! Lulu

  3. stomachs are def the worst :/ theyre not perfect unless theyre photoshopped and thats just the truth. but if you get a gym memb, do the ab machines and that can only help :) i do them religiously!!